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I'd like to say a big sorry - to my journal!!! [22 Apr 2010|12:55pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

My online journal has been neglected for many months now.

been so busy with my real life that i totally had no time to blog!

From january to april 2010 :

- I finished NS on march 12th, they will not call me back for reservist again - the power of haemophilia B!

- went to tokyo on the 15th of March aboard ANA (wanted the SQ A380 flights but not available that day) - Photos will be posted soon!

-came back to SG on the 26th of March. SIAN!!!!!!!!!!!

- now currently registered for a full time 3yr course for Bachelor of communications at University of Buffalo, NY under SIM Global.

- i'm working part time at my old workplace, got LOTSA new gadgets that i will probably try to sell online thru a blogshop or via... FACEBOOK and forums !!! HAHAHA!!!!!

- MOTOROLA MILESTONE......... got it at the Starhub 10th anniversary roadshow @ Suntec! So happy!!!!!!!!!!

- BALLZ TO M1.... for four years no free incoming calls and never tell my mother , she blindly paid every month thinking its the "normal" rate!!!!!! until one day i see the invoice then realise it!!!

- back to livejournal updating, need to practise my dusty writing ability :( doh!!!

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[ mood | accomplished ]




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dar's graduation [01 Oct 2009|12:00am]
[ mood | calm ]


finally made it!

BACHELORETTE sia!!! (and i'm still in NS.... wols man! haha! )

wah!!! business woman liao make calls liao!!!!!!!

Once again, congratulations dar, you did it! woots! went thru the shite and did not break ya!

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OMG SO LONG NV UPDATE NO.1 [30 Sep 2009|11:50pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

haahahaha! here's what happened recently that i wanna write down! :)

went to charcoal restaurant @ St. James power station

wow , awesome BBQed food! BUT kinda unhealthy man! lol! its ok , once in awhile!


and irene told me something amazing went on Taiwanese TV!!!!

LOL ITS MUMU!!!! apparently its a program about sleeping habits

and this female model said she had the habit of sleeping while clutching something between her legs

LOL so she picked the tortoise!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! he's famous liao! lol!

LOL @ the the 4th pics comment!!!!!!!!!!

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i love this movie [11 Aug 2009|12:05am]
[ mood | calm ]

caught this on a saturday, oh my god during the starting of the show when they showed Carl and Ellie meeting from young and growing old together and finally carl being alone, something inside me just broke and i cried!!! in the cinema!!!!

that short stretch of the story reminded me about a number of things that i could relate to in my life, and my thinking, and i really connected with it!

the show was really funny, and at the same time, touching.

i'd recommend it to everybody!

been so busy to post anything on livejournal!

I've been busy !!! argh! at the same time doing NS still must look for a place to study! omg!!!!

6 months more!! GAMBATTE ME!!!!!

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the kalends of August! [10 Aug 2009|11:59pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

went ta botanic gardens!!!!! 1st time going there , in like , many many yearS? since i was a kiddo!

in a car! HAHAHA!

reached the carpark!!!!

@ the Casa Verde. Awfully nice "popiah" pizza !

after that , did a little hiking!

wah lan, so many places!

lol we bluffed the counter !!! I sent irene as the emissary to the counter to pose as a Student! LOL!!! $1 tix instead of $5! HAHA!

so tired, afternoon already! decided to visit Ion Orchard, since it just opened!

lunch first, decided on Ginza Bairin

not knowing how it tasted like, we opted to share a meal! :D

after that, went to see The Hangover!


after movie, hungry liao!

its down to Lasalle arts school, just behind Sim Lim Square!

nice little place called 15minutes

tired! went back to my place to see more shows until ZZZ monster caught both of us!!!

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bye grandma!! [22 Jul 2009|08:07pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

i'll always miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
the last 15 years or so has been hard for you :(

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they say good things come in boxes! [07 Jul 2009|12:13am]
[ mood | crazy ]

i agreeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

irene surprised me with a package! she knew i could not find it as it was sold out already , she's more pro than me!

hahahaha she added in a premium countdown live to top it off~

thank you very much again, dardar! :)

damn off to bed, gotta get up in 5hours. argh!

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so tired!!! [02 Jul 2009|12:22am]
gonna sleep soons, yawns, monotonous life nowadays!

but still have some fun times :)

been playing world of warcraft at the invitation of my usual gaming khakis (they were previously playing FF11, but since Final Fantasy XIV online has been announced for next year, now just playing WOW to pass the time! haha!

this friday the two of them are coming over, i think we gonna chiong overnight hahahaha!

saturday go out with irene, still contemplating whether to go a primary school mates surprise birthday party that his girl organized for him! argh! incidentally he's in the same squadron as me :) hahaha!

i know the flus around, but i still wanna go to town this weekend :D

i haven't caught transformers 2 yet!!!
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hey young world! [29 Jun 2009|12:36am]
[ mood | amused ]

whats up! :)

i've not been blogging *feels guilty* !!!!

but in NS , life really is dull ! haha!

now with the H1N1 flu around, hopefully i'll get some time off to spend it on other aspects of my life instead of 'serving the nation'

we went to this place, called "Spizza" over @ Club Street (near maxwell market, where they also have a nice place called "Jerry's") where they serve ultra thin crispy pizzas, apparently we have a thing for crispy thin pizzas, and they had very nice pizzas! :D

there's this place called ROC (Relak One Corner) at the Beach road army market, also very nice thin pizza at reasonable rates!!!!

i just found out from my squadron mates that it costs $2k for a skydiving session in australia / NZ , hmmmmmmm !!! makes me wanna go try when i finish NS !

i really need to get my life in check , now i'm still freelancing IT services while looking around for suitable places to study mass comms or journalism when i finish NS in March next year, and then its off to working life , have to save some capital up and maybe start a small business or something, well gotta see if it all works out in the end! as it goes, the dreams you follow will be findin' you~~~

well maybe i'll just buy a 4D ticket from time to time and hope i strike it big
wishful thinking. hahaha!

wow i took the time to visit my old blog, @ Blurty.com

Date created: 2003-05-21 14:06:03
wahaha its been that long since i wrote things online
i'm really laughing at the way i wrote my entries over there :)

OH NOESSSS >>>>>>>> have i aged that much!!!! *Checks for wrinkles / crows feet / train lines /blahblah!*


i've known u guys for like 8,9 years?

going thru life! thats nice :)

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[28 May 2009|01:08am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Random happenings since april/may 2009!

It's headphones!!! :D
recently added a very red headphone to accompany my grado SR80 :)

hello Grado SR80! (love that look!!!!!!)

welcome the SteelSeries Siberia headset!!!! hahahaha! i dunno why man i just had to get it argh!!!

and something too from overseas!!!

i love that song, NEXT LEVEL :) and the music video!!!!


irene's biggest gift to me ever! PHYSICALLY BIGGEST GIFT OMG!!!

Look at the size of that computer casing!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! (O_O)"""

it's called the Raven , lol sordid name but i love the outlook !


On a special day, we went to Hortpark to walk walk!

sat inside the info counter that was empty hahaha!

and had a "picnic" !! lololololol!

walked up mount faber until...

and descended by foot again! wah piang! walked alot!

went to Clarke Quay , liang court , walked around and saw this place so went in to try! not bad man their stuffs :)

after that its off to robertson quay


after spending a month on course driving something like that...

i officially hold both a civilian Class 3 and...

My "JEEP!" class! haha! i'm the only other guy in blue :) What do you guys think of the new SAF no.4 uniform? :D

its been a pretty interesting NS so far i guess :)

been alotta crap though, but oh well!

From infantry lifestyle in Tekong.

to being a dedicated crew chief for F16s

yes, thats what happens really to me when i launch a plane, the jet engine startup i gotta kneel down just behind the plane's exhaust (-_0)""" sucks man damn loud and hot!!!!!!!!!

and driving military jeeps. i wonder what'll happen next! :)

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[03 May 2009|08:08pm]

took a bus to our hotel from the airport~~

room so small but who gives a sh*t!!!!!!

麦文纪面家(Mak Man Kee) for some wanton noodle . DAMN NICE WANTON NOODLE.


Australian Dairy Co. was next to it - it had DAMN NICE stuffs too like the REALLY TASTY i dunno why omelette bread + beancurd( or was it milkcurd lol) - not to mention THE VERY NICE TASTING FRESH MILK!!! (i'm actually allergic to milk coz of the lactose lol from baby stage drink soya bean milk already thats why grow up to be monster gahaha)

mobile icecream van anyone???


the next day, air was chilly man, had to wear warmer clothing!

DIM SUM PLACE VERY reasonable prices (considering the amount of food we ate, omg poor african children plz forgive us!!!!)


after dim sum its off to Mongkok for some shopping , much to irene's delight!!!!

i love this happy lemon's Yakult blend !!! very yummy IMHO!!!

of course, no trip to Hong Kong is complete without visiting the ever so many branches of 许留山 dessert stalls

THIS PARTICULAR STALL HAS (I hear only, coz' i don't eat the stuff) BEST BBQ SQUID!!!

irene ate 3 sticks and i had to drag her away . haha!

then its off to


pretty standard fare i'd say , never changed much since the last time we went! walk sian already then its off to

the base of Victoria Peak!

it was cold , very windy , BUT SO SATISFYING MUAHA!

after that its into BUBBA GUMPS

after coming down from the Peak, still have some stamina, went to Langham place

huge long long longe LONG escalator

after two hours, hungry liao go for supper @ HK's ajisen! omg they got dishes and stuff not available in SG! shucks! i like HK's ajisen. heh!

lol? irene went in to browse nia, didn't buy anything though!


Next day, on a mini-bus to Stanley beach

@ time square

City super supermarket

sitting the old tram

Lan Kwai Fong

泰昌饼家 Tai Cheong Bakery mainly selling egg tarts and 老婆饼. Located at 中环摆花街35号(Lydhurst Terrace)- sells very nice egg tarts!!!! even the ex-governor of HK also came to eat (O_o)""


Last day @ HK..

Back to Mongkok. hahaha!


Back to SG. tired!

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valentine's day 2009 [15 Feb 2009|11:41pm]
[ mood | calm ]

simple and IMHO , nice :)

woke up @ 9am :)

met irene at parkway parade at 11am, went to cold storage and giant to buy ingredients, she cooked chilli crab flavour pasta while i boiled broccoli with abalone clams!!! :D

simple and nice lunch , coupled with some ice wine , nice sweet beverage :)

after that! she surprised me with ..

ahhhhhhhhhh its the coolest keyboard ever! she went to find so many places (because haven't even launch yet) and manage to attain one :) currently its only bundled with the Premier Edition of Red Alert 3 @ $219 ouch!!!!

she's so pro :)

her birthday's just around the corner and i have to rack my brains again !!!!!!

we had a small interlude of nice sushi from Raffles City's The Marketplace ,. i love the wasabi lobster sushi and she digs the tuna roll sushi :) plus popiah from Qi Ji hahahahaha

i booked a movie @ GV marina : The wedding game starring fann wong and christopher lee

lol predictable film!!!

after that , we went to the Singapore flyer location, to sit the 10pm scheduled flight that i had booked earlier the day before! first time for both of us on the flyer wheel , it was rather nice , enjoying the scenery with her :)

she had a fever leh after that. she came to my place, i fed her some cold medicine and she fell asleep :)

2009's valentines day passes! wowsa!

it just dawned upon me that .. .. . .. shite.... 5yrs 10months liao :O oh nos!!!

has it been that long?????? lol

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HAPPIE CNY :D [01 Feb 2009|07:40pm]
been so lazy to update argh

things i've been doing
NS life (part of it hahahaha)



gaming on my recently upgraded PC (finally!) :

Far cry 2

Red Alert 3 (Lieutenant Eva wah piang eh!)


just came back from HK about 2 days before CNY :)

up the pics and post some later :)
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aiyoyo i'm 23 already :( [13 Jan 2009|11:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

today was rather uneventful ~~~ had a nice lunch with irene :) can't eat much stuffs due to wisdom tooth bleeding :(
but nevermind tomorrow she cooks thing omg can't wait!!!
we will be planning what places to go on our HK trip this coming sunday :D :D :D
just wanna let zynnie know , we found her post VERY INFORMATIVE :D :D :D thanks man!!!

however i am suddenly reminded of two people.

I'd like to say to them :

all those years ago
When you two got married
and all those things happened,
no tolerance, no forgiveness, no consideration for collateral damage,
and then decided to separate
leading separate lives now,
with the people you both are stuck with ,
i do not even know whether you both are happy or not,
did you both ask yourselves when you signed those documents,

(damn that jay chou song title fits perfectly here)
说好的幸福呢 ?????

somethings i'll never know, as much as i'd like to find out.

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post merry xmas 2008 [28 Dec 2008|01:45am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

merry xmas everybody :)

omg been so lazy to post hahahah :D

i no longer have to use that suxors LG non-cam phone! YAY!!! xmas present from irene :D

happy belated birthdays to natalie & rika !!! :)

me too i'm turning 23 next month .. OH NO!!!!!!

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day 3 of TW (penghu still) [27 Oct 2008|06:49pm]
[ mood | amused ]

in the morning, the owner of the hostel went to buy breakfast for all of us :D

I liked the surroundings so much!!! very peaceful and quiet, i decided to take a picture with irene :)

time to go on to explore the outer smaller islands with the bunch of em' !!!

the harbour..

omg gotta put on lifevests hahaha!

some fishing place!!!

first time trying such fishing! hahahaha!!!!

we took pictures with a real-life puffer fish!! the sort that bloats up!!!

after that we went back to the main island for some really DELICIOUS mee sua (mian xian??? rice noodles in some super nice broth!!!) and they had fun bbq-ing these clams or oysters or whatever i did not eat them (don't eat shellfish stuff much!!)

dessert store!!!!!

after dessert we went to another beach ... to learn how traditional fishing is done!!!
apparently its just taking a mound of rocks and moving it to another location in the shallow water , and all the fishes and crabs and whatever will go and hide in the rocks!! and u take a net and surround the rocks and then move the rocks away and close the net~ voila!! u have caught some stuff!!! omg its really an eye opener i NEVER knew you could catch fish and stuffs with just rocks and a net!!!

small fishie on my cheek ahahhah!

the super mound of rocks that we used to fish!

moving it.. . . . .. . .

take a net and surround the rocks........

pull the net towards you in a circular motion!!!!!

and ta-da!! U REALLY HAVE FISH AND CRABS (albeit small ones)

small fishie!!!

go off time~~~~\

stopover at a eating place that served beef noodles~~~

evening comes~~~ at the harbour again gonna go out to fish for squiddies!!

mobile bakery truck omg lol they have nice tasting almond biscotties!

setting off !!!!!
young fishermen .. . . . . hmmm this must be a sideline job for them ??

candid shot of us looking towards the horizon of the sea hahahha!

at night... bright lights are lit to attract all the squids!

catching and cooking squid based delicacies on board is common for these island folk!

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OMG THIS SONG !!! LOL!!! [11 Oct 2008|01:56pm]
Serj tankian , lead singer of "System of A Down"

his voice is like the Joker from batman!

i'm watching a series called "Fear Itself" horror show from the US and this is the opening intro! LOL!!!!

Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie

My baby, my baby
Let me know
Because you love me, you love me
Let me go
And you're my lover, you pay me
Twice my size
And on your knees you lay
In my eyes,

Take my hand and lets end it all,
She broke her little bones
On the boulders below,
Take my hand and lets end it all,

My baby, My baby
Let me go
And if you love me, you love me
Let me go,
Cause I'm your brother, your brother,
Have some pride,
And now you love me, you love me
Then die tonight

Take my hand and lets end it all,
She broke her little bones
On the boulders below,
Take my hand and lets end it all,
Broke her little bones
On the boulders below,
And while she fell I delightfully said,

Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie

She took my hand and I let her go
She broke her little bones
On the boulders below,
Took my hand and she ended it all,
Broke her little bones on the boulders below,
And while she fell, I smiled.

Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie
Lalalalalalalala lie lie lie

update day 3/4 of TW 2008 later tonight!
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taipei 2008 - part 1 [06 Oct 2008|08:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hahahahahahahha sorry dardar DUNCH KILLS ME!!!!!!


Honestly i was the one of the oldest there in my "section" or room which consisted of 13 ppl.
honestly the majority of them were JC boys, 18 or 19 years old.

What can i say , i was glad i passed outta there , maybe it's me i dunno but i found their behaviour and the way they talked very childish. Oh well! i was very glad to have booked 2x tickets to taiwan !!! Finally go there to have a breather with irene and hope for the future posting to be in a place with less "Jialat" ppl.

Terminal 3 - flight SQ878 - 13th June 2008 !!!! first time sitting an airplane from T3. and its from SIA! Woohoo! damn pain coz $$$$$ spent but Jetstar wasn't anywhere cheaper by alot so just heck it and wacked SQ tickets!

SQ878 SIN/TPE 13JUN 1230pm/1710pm Seat:52J,52H damn i was so happy to see this info

felt all warm and fuzzy just to see the info! REALLY! LOL!

a little "Pre-Flight" picture

going to airport we always try to eat a favourite thing there - POPEYE'S!!!!
gotta love their cajun fries and mashed potato!!!!! not to mention their nice muffins also!!!

Bought some delicacies from Bengawan Solo for our taiwan friends :)


Sit plane to taipei liao!!!!


Reached Taoyuan Intl' Airport @ taipei! WOOHOO!!!
THAT SONG....... that Song keep ringing in our ears since KTV session.....

我的阿妹妹 快來和我跳阿哥哥 Go
我知道你看到是我 妳不會說No
我不是油頭葉教授 我的Honeys都叫我熱狗 for show
女孩 就是喜歡你台台 等等去家裡轟趴 要不要來
只怕你掛的太快 明天要去廟裡收驚拜拜
How High ? We Can Kiss The Sky !
人生海海 我們不會只是 Stand One Night
One Night In 墾丁 我留下許多情
你是我的可口可樂 幫我解渴 看我穿著就知道我玩饒舌
不用說我壞話 因為我有順風耳 
如果是你肚子大 我帶你去看順風婦產科

我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 林志玲算什麼
我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 侯佩岑算什麼


first stop : Raohe night market!!! We went there with our friend Emily :) she's the girlfriend of Mike, whom we met the last trip!

some super hidden corner shop but apparently its been at Raohe for many many years already according to Emily :)

Some of the items we tried there:

Mee sua ??

Glutinous rice (omg it was yummy)

and some pigs organs thingie but i dun really take it so irene took most of it HAHA!

after eating back to walking Raohe market :)

Some famous spiced meat buns :)


next nearby had this dessert branch called "鲜芋仙"

they have really nice desserts i feel! :)

very nice chewy things they add to the iced desserts! its like ice kachang but got "Chewy" sweet potato and other stuffs! and chewy mochi ice cream lol!

lol mike and emily parked their car in a multi story automated carpark building, its the first time me and irene saw such a thing! :)

i was so tired when went to their house. i just dropped on the bed! lol !!!!! irene took a picture of me . gawd so un-glam!!! LOL!!!

That was Day 1!!! :D

Spent the night at our taiwan friend's house :)

In the morning wake up go down to do a little exploring and guess what i found!!!!
They have an eatery at Geylang road in SG too! :) quite well known 24hrs shop for soyabean and youtiao lol

over here they got other stuffs !!!

at another smaller Airport......

turns out, our friends are heading to "Peng Hu" which is an island off the coast of Taiwan!
we had to sit a domestic flight over which took a little over 45minutes :)

On the flight towards Peng Hu island

we were part of a small tour group, about 10 ppl, all of whom are friends of mike & emily.
We got on cabs from the local airport at Peng Hu to reach our destination, some hostel :)

the islands scenery was very pretty but a pity it rained when we just got there!

The Motley crew!!!

our room key lol

nice little cosy room inthe countryside~~~

And when i mean countryside i really mean countryside.. . . . . . opposite us was penghu's one and only main school! lol! and we wer very very near to the seaside!!!

as you can see the environment was ruined when it rained~ basket it'll all look nice and bright if it wasn't for the rain! Peng Hu rarely rains they said!

upon reaching the hostel to put down our stuffs! we went for lunch!!

some seafood restaurant??

all the damn fresh seafood (coz majority of penghu ppl all catch their own seafood and cook one !!!)

SUPER SPRING ONION SOUP! it was very tasty coz got ikan billis boiled with it also! TOO BAD IRENE CANT HAVE IT HEE HEE SHe hates spring onions!!! lol !!!!

now for her favourite the oyster omelette lol

NOW THIS IS AWESOME!!! PUMPKIN vermicelli!!! IT WAS damnnnnnnn nice!!!!!

check out the fish , guaranteed irene wont touch it at all. Look at the bombardment of spring onions!!!!

after that we headed to some crab museum that was opened in peng hu, apparently they got alotta the worlds species of crabs , dead or alive and other flora and fauna of the deep sea!

There was this temple in Penghu that had an underground cavern that housed huge old tortoises!!!!!

when i heard tortoises we had to go there to take a look hahaha!!!!

i'm inside taking lead

that pool that got the old tortoises!!!!!

aiyah they swim so fast here and there this was the only decent shot i got of them!!!!

raining like crazzy over there !!! had to improvise and buy some really caveman looking raincoat lololol

so this was what danshui looked like in the older days

CACTUS!!! THEY DRINK cactus juice and eat CACTUS flavoured ice cream!! LOL!!!!! it's quite tasty. :O

dinner @ pork ribs noodle stall ( they said its veryfamous there)

exploring the streets of penghu at night!!!

Tang yuan but meat inside omg!!! very big sized, not your usual small tang yuan!!!

back at the hostel!!
rest and concluded day 2 !!!!

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[16 Aug 2008|10:39am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

this drama is really very very nice~~ very touching!!!! based on the autobiography of this dude by the stage name of Lily Franky who lives today still in japan! everytime i remember the scenes! omg!

Every moment without you
Seems like eternity
I'm begging you begging you come back to me

Hard to say goodbye
I can’t smile with you anymore
I want to know
Where did we lose our way?

Winter breeze hurts gently my heart
I know I don't need to be alone
Can we go back to the precious days when our love was strong?
Can you tell me how?
And when a perfect love goes wrong
Somebody tell me how you get things back

Every time I was holding you,
Seems like eternity
I'm asking you asking you comeback to me
Hard to say goodbye
But I'll take sweet memories
I want to show everything I've got from you

Someday sun will shine
And I will walk by myself
Cuz I'm able to feel you even though I'm away from you
Tears are not in vain when I cry
If you're smiling somewhere
I realized some parts of your tenderness

Every moment breathe at you
Seems like eternity
I'm begging you begging you come back to me

Hard to say goodbye
I can’t smile with you anymore
I want to know
Where did we lose our way?

Winter breeze hurts gently my heart
I know I don't need to be alone
Can we go back to the precious days when our love was strong?
Can you tell me how?
And when a perfect love goes wrong
Somebody tell me how you get things back

Every time I was holding you,
Seems like eternity
I'm asking you asking you comeback to me
Time to say goodbye
But I'll retain sweet memories
I want to show everything I've got from you

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